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I have been known for my involvement in this breed; but I am mainly just showing my dogs these days, and not breeding except on a rare occasion.  Therefore, availability of my puppies is extremely limited anymore, but you are welcome to contact me, if you want to add a SUNDANCE puppy to your family.

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"Jake" - Small Toy Male - Neutered

Western Jake of Sundance (aka "Jake")



NEUTERED Black Tri Male Toy Aussie with Two Blue Eyes.

3 years old, Weighs 10 lb.

Jake is a super cute and very tiny dog. He is crate trained, but has not done any leash work. He is usually friendly towards strangers, and I believe he will make a transition to another family well, with just a little bit of time to get adjusted. Jake has been neutered, has current vaccinations, etc. and is available to an approved home. Let me know about yourself if you are interested in being considered for little Jakie's new home.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Jake is very good friends with Angelina and I would like to keep them together if at all possible; I will give priority to homes that might be able to do so.

 Price is negotiable. No Registration /NEUTERED  - Please Inquire if Interested in Jake

More Photos of JAKE

"Angelina" - Small Toy Female - Spayed

Angelina - 5 year old "rescue"



Blue Merle Female Toy Aussie with Two Blue Eyes.

5 years old. Weighs 8.5 lb.

Angelina just needs a patient loving home.  She is timid with strangers, but does eventually warm up.  She has been rehomed several times previously.  She really likes Jake and I would consider letting the two of them go together to the right home, but am particularly concerned that her owner can make a permanent commitment. She needs a quiet adult home and new owners that will have realistic expectations for her.  Let me know if you think you might be able to provide a home for Angelina (or Jake & Angelina) and we can talk about the possiblity.  

Angelina has been spayed and her vaccines are all current.

There will be a small adoption fee for her, but will be waived if adopted with Jake.

More Photos of ANGELINA

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All dogs placed as family pets on spay or neuter contract.


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