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Hello!  Welcome to my new website.  My name is Martha.  My registered "kennel name" is SUNDANCE with the American Stock Dog Registry.  I have had a love affair with this breed since my daughter Kristine and I started with our first Toy Australian Shepherds in 2002 from Earl Brisbin and my friend Beverly Woodcock /Waggin' Tail.  I am a hobby breeder, and have devoted all the years since those early days to selecting for the best of quality, health, and temperament in my dogs.  I do full health screening, including checking eyes, heart, patellas, and DNA testing for inherited diseases, coat colors, and traits.  We are using Paw Print Genetics to do full panel genetic screening for MDR1, CEA, CD, HC/hsf4, DM, CMR1, NCL6, HUU, and PRA/prcd.  Sundance Toy Australian Shepherds are purebred with known pedigrees and registered with the American Stock Dog Registry (ASDR). The breed standard for Toy Australian Shepherds is 10 to 14 inches tall; but since I really love the little ones, my dogs are on the smaller end of that size range.  My smallest boy Dallas earned multiple Baby and Junior Champion puppy titles, as well as winning "IABCA Best In Show Rare Breed Puppy"; but I probably will not continue to show Dallas as an adult since he stayed very tiny and is slightly under breed size at maturity. However, I do show my others, who are within breed size, even though they are smaller toys in the 10"-12" range. I am particularly proud of both Ziva and Little for what we have done together the past several years, and it has been so much fun traveling to all the dog shows we have attended. ASDR Elite CH/ IABCA Int/Nat/Hnr/Hnr-B/Hnr-S/Hnr-G/WB/WB-B/WB-B/WB-S/WB-G/WC CH Sundance Lil Tuff Guy (aka "Little") has shown in ASDR and in IABCA shows, under a total of 38 different National and International judges in the last two years, so we have been pretty busy!  He holds 14 adult champion titles, his newest being IABCA World Cup Champion!!  ASDR CH/ MTACK CH/ IABCA Int/Nat/Hnr/Hnr-B/Hnr-S CH Sundance Special Agent Ziva (aka "Ziva") is my homegrown girl that I simply adore and has made me proud!  She has shown in MTACK, ASDR, and IABCA; and has wins such as Best Toy Female, Best Bred By Exhibitor, Best in Breed, 2nds and 3rds in Group. Her most recent title was IABCA Honors Champion in Silver. My Toy Aussies are quite pampered house dogs, and an intimate part of our family life where I live in western Washington state.  My daughter Kristine Brownell has also been a part of Sundance since the beginning and has several blue merle Sundance girls of her own in Oregon. Our quality puppies are raised with love and care in our house, and I do not have kennels. I have been known for my involvement in this breed; but I am mainly just showing my dogs these days, and not breeding as often as in the past.  The slide show on my "brag page" has photos of my current dogs for you to see more of my doggie family.

I love my little dogs & hope you enjoy this website that I have built to share them with you!   ~Martha Zaiser Koelmel  (Jan 2019)

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I enjoy showing my dogs whenever possible. A few of my dogs have completed championship titles with ASDR, MTACK, & ICKC. More recently, since I moved back to Washington, I have been enjoying attending IABCA shows!

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When available, puppies may be sold as family pets on spay or neuter contract.  Sales to approved homes only. 

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